Meet The Band

Vern Miller

Vern Miller is Bass Guitarist for Boston’s legendary band “The Remains.”  As bassist for The Remains he performed on the 1965 Ed Sullivan Christmas Show and The Beatles’ 1966 U.S. Tour, which culminated in The Beatles’ final stadium performance at Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA.  In 2010, The Remains were inducted into The Boston Music Awards Hall of Fame.  The Remains’ song, “Why Do I Cry” appeared in the hit movie, “SUPERBAD” a few years ago and in 2015, their recording of “Diddy Wah Diddy” was chosen for use in a GAP commercial worldwide.  The Remains recently celebrated 50 years of performing together. Additionally, Vern has played Bass for such luminaries as Donna Summer, Bobby Hebb (Sunny), The Shirelles, The Ronettes, and Jeff Muldaur and was Bassist and leader of Boston based 11 piece band, Swallow who released two albums on Warner Brothers.  Vern has shared the stage with such luminaries as The Beatles, Sly And The Family Stone, Steve Winwood (Traffic), Joe Cocker, Aerosmith, J. Geils Band, The Beach Boys, Janis Joplin, B.B. King, Charles Mingus, The Dave Clark Five, The Supremes and many more.

Steve Gorelick

Steve provides the lead vocals and percussion for Shakey Ground and is grateful for the opportunity to be playing with this accomplished group of musicians, the great mix of music the band brings, and the spirited souls who come out to join us.  Steve likes saying that he comes from the tough streets of West Orange, NJ.  Since as long as he can remember, great music and songs have inspired him, and reinforced for him the power and connection of all people.
Steve has been singing great songs all of his life.  Raised in a family of singers, including his Cuban born father who performed in wedding bands, Steve recalls learning lyrics and singing songs, for friends and family, before he was 10 years old -- Sinatra tunes for his grandmother, songs from Stevie Wonder’s “Talking Book” album to his 5thgrade teacher.   Steve first sang with a full band when he was 19, while in college in Providence, RI in the early 1980s, performing a range of rhythm and blues, soul and rock, mostly with his 6-piece band, with three backing vocalists, “Ethnicity,” which made its mark in that time and place.  In the years that followed, with life’s other callings, Steve limited his singing to private events, street corners and other settings, on command or just because it seemed like a good idea at the time.  In the early 2000s, Steve was welcomed back to the stage for occasional performances by friends in the great music community of Maplewood-South Orange and has been performing with Shakey Ground since its formation in 2010.   As always, Steve is excited for the next chance to join the rest of the band, and the beautiful people who come out to hear Shakey Ground, to celebrate together the power of great music. 

David "d'drumma" Goldman

David studied classical piano from ages 8-14 learning the intricacies of music, though he yearned to play drums, and for his 12th birthday a drum set was presented to him by his parents. At sleepaway camp in 1966 he befriended Gregg Winter and they teamed as a duo (or trio at times) for 5 years playing live, creating original music and recording. Gregg was later signed to WEA-Ireland, and went on to produce  The Nails-RCA. Together, they formed Honest John Rocket around '71, "HJR was my fave band back in the day playing originals, featuring a local guitar great, Neil Brodbeck." In 1974 David auditioned for, and was selected to play in JUSTUS a L.I. band represented by Norby Walters Agency featuring a skinny, always smiling guitarist from Carle Place, Joe Satriani. After touring for several years, he hung up his sticks and literally didn't play for the next 14 years. In 1993 he not only returned to drumming, but also recorded a demo of his original piano compositions. "I began jamming once or twice a month w/some very accomplished players in the city for the next 10 years." Around 2002 he was asked to fill in for a drummer in his favorite local band, The Nightmares, and two months later was asked to join the band. "The Nightmares experience lasted about 2.5 years, and truly introduced me to the entire local music scene." David was simultaneously becoming more involved playing concerts w/the NJ Folk Project, and drummed on two separate CD's by Marc Schaffer and Dave Kleiner. After recovering from a snowblower accident sidelined him through 2006, other bands would follow locally: Madison, The NU Band, & The Reticents, until the formation of Shakey Ground in the Fall of 2010. "Shakey Ground has been a great musically challenging experience which I thoroughly enjoy and truly appreciate every time we play."

Mark Asch

 Keyboardist Mark Asch began studying music at age 4 on the violin in his hometown of Cranford, NJ. Within a few years, however, he found that using the instrument to hit things failed to make a sufficiently loud sound, which led him to drum lessons. There was also a piano in the house, and while it was very difficult to hit things with it, Mark found that it sounded rather nice on its own and at 10 began playing and composing. By high school, Mark decided to focus on keyboards and composing, and has done so ever since. (Well, there was that one time with the gymnast and the sousaphone, but some stories are better left untold.) After receiving his Bachelor of Music from the University of Miami, Mark pursued additional music studies at NYU and Juilliard, which naturally led to a career as a computer programmer. However, music was always on the front burner and he has performed, composed and produced in a wide range of styles with groups of all sorts, including rock bands, choirs, orchestras, chamber groups, and jazz ensembles. His rock-for-kids band, StarFish, released three albums during its 10-year career and was critically acclaimed by Nickelodeon, People, Time Out NY, and throughout the blogosphere. His alternative/progressive rock band Thursday Habit is currently working on its second album. Mark gleefully abandoned the corporate world and became a school music teacher in 2011. Now he is poor. But he is happy teaching children, composing for his choir, and playing some of the world's finest and funkiest party music with the extremely talented outfit known as Shakey Ground. He lives in South Orange with his wife Stephanie, son Miller, two cats and an appalling number of fish.

Wayne Post

Wayne was born and raised in New Jersey. He first picked up a guitar at the age 12. Music totally eclipsed his love for sports; out went sports and in came idolizing players like Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix. His first stint on the road was playing in an Atlanta, Georgia based cover band, Odyssey. Next stop on his musical journey was in Muscle Shoals, Alabama in the late 70’s joining forces with Lenny LeBlanc.  LaBlanc and Pete Carr had a hit ballad called “Falling”. He then worked and recorded with Australian singer Samantha Sang whose hit song “Emotion” was written by Barry & Robin Gibb. In the 80's he returned to Jersey to join United Artist's Billy Falcon Group touring and recording as a member of the band. They recorded at Olympic Studios in London with legendary producer, Jimmy Miller. The BFG would continue to tour and shoot videos in Amsterdam. In the mid 80's Wayne became a member of the GW All-Stars, which was acclaimed WDHA's band of the year. In February of 2017, After putting down his guitar for a number of years he formed Tropical Storm with his lifelong friends Gary Georgette and Kevin McArdle, a band which is still performing today. Shakey Ground welcomed Wayne as its new guitarist in February 2017.

Brett Ollerenshaw

Brett’s love affair with the Sax runs deep in his DNA.  He was introduced to music and the Sax at a very young age by his mother who played Alto and Piano.  Brett played Sax throughout his school years honing his playing skills in his High School Band and local Rock groups.  As a member of popular 80’s band, The Cucumbers, he performed at the first New Jersey Music Awards Ceremony in Red Bank and many clubs on the NY-NJ club circuit.  After his stint with “The Cukes,” Brett performed with Miss Terry and The Healing Power, then joined The Nightmares where for several years he was the kingpin of the rotating horn section.  “I learned a lot about how to be part of a section and how to adapt my playing to blend with many different players.  This was a great education both musically and personally.” Brett is the kind of musician who always has his horn with him.  It’s not unusual to spot him sitting in with many bands on the NJ club circuit.  “I just love to play and do it every chance I can.  Music is such a powerful, healing force that helps you communicate with your inner self and connect with other musicians and the audience.” Brett has been a member of Shakey Ground since its inception several years ago.  Besides being a featured soloist on many tunes and harmonizing with Guitar and Keyboard lines, he has added Percussion and Harmony Vocals to his arsenal of musical contributions to Shakey Ground.